To be an Instagram influencer y’all, you need a few things.  One is a phone with a camera and another is a point of view.   These two are the most important, but a close third is a felt letter board.

I polled my Instagram stories the other day and after almost 900 votes, I learned that about a third of my Instagram followers don’t read my captions.   So to 33% of my 200k+ followers, I have to get my point across through photography.    This is not an easy job.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.


Robin Williams

One way to get people to understand your post is with a letter board.    Felt Letterboards are timeless and fun.  They have a quirky nostalgia that makes people smile.   Then there are so many talented women on Instagram with fun relatable things to say.

These are a few of my favorite mom influencers with letter boards on Instagram.


Angel from @thebluegrassmom is one of my favorite letter board influencers.   She’s from Louisville, she loves bourbon, and she makes me smile.  She’s not afraid to get real about the highs and lows of motherhood.


Ya know you’re a mom when a solo trip to the grocery store feels like a vacation! I went during @krogerco spring open house and they had so many treats to sample and great party planning prep tips for derby and Mother’s Day that it felt like an all inclusive vacation ??? It was so nice to just get out even for an hour. I’ll be sore tomorrow but it was totally worth it!#krogerpartner . . . . #kroger #honestmotherhood #uniteinmotherhood #momvacation #nokids #igmom #toddlermom #magicofchildhood #momlifeisthebestlife #our_everyday_moments #boymom #motherhoodunplugged #momlife #momswithcameras #cameramama #photographer #mommyblogger #kentucky #igerslouisville #kentuckyblogger #dearestviewfinder #ourcandidlife #the_sugar_jar #celebrate_childhood #teammotherly #parenthood_moments #treasuringlittlememories

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Audrey from @mamadrey88 is a beautiful photographer with such a sunny disposition. I’m pretty obsessed with her sweet family too.    She makes me want another baby.    #ovaryaches

Jen from @jenniferatkinson is the sweetest Canadian mommy! Her posts are so quirky cute! And those boys of hers are so funny too. Clearly it’s genetic.

Laura from @fulcandles isn’t a mom blogger or mom influencer, but I adore her point of view and her beautiful candles.

So I’m giving in and joining the letter board ladies who I love.   I need to work on my puns and clever comebacks y’all.    Wish me luck!



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