Motor skills!

LARGE MOTOR SKILLS (also called gross motor skills) will give your baby the strength and coordination he needs to progress from sitting to crawling to walking to running to all manner of physical activities and sports.  SMALL MOTOR SKILLS (aka fine motor skills) are a big deal, too. Eventually, these will enable your baby to feed and dress himself, to draw and write, and to pluck flowers from the garden.

This craft is to help your little one develop his or her fine motor skills.  It’s also really good for concentration.    Plus it’s super cute.   I mentioned in my other post on ice cream pint container crafts that I did receive the Halo Top ice cream pints for free but that’s it.   So this is totally not a sponsored post, (I have to say that so the FCC, FEC, FBI, whatever it’s called doesn’t get mad at me.)

Halo Top Ice Cream is a healthy alternative for your family. Halo Top is low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, they use only the best, all-natural ingredients to craft the ice cream so that it tastes just like regular ice cream.  We dig it.

How to make an Ice Cream Pint Wind Chime!

Materials Needed –

  1. Rigatoni
  2. Waterpaint
  3. Yarn
  4. Straws
  5. Halo Top Ice Cream Pint (cleaned)

Step One:  Paint the Rigatoni.  Rigatoni is a larger tube pasta and easy to handle for little fingers.

Step Two:  Mom or Dad thread the straw through a piece of yarn.

Step Three:  Let your toddler string the rigatoni beads on the yarn, using the straw as a “needle”.

Step Four: Ice Cream Break

Step Five:  Poke 4 holes in the bottom of the pint.  Use the middle hole as the hanger.

Step Six:  Pull the straws through the other three holes as fasteners.

Step Seven:  Hang and give High Fives!


Oh and Oli’s fingers are dirty in these photos, I cannot get the waterpaints out from under his fingernails.  I was going to edit it out but there is nothing wrong with toddlers with paints under their nails.  ?