I’m partnering with GNC4U, but I promise all opinions are my own as always! 

Happy New Years, Friends!  I hope you had the best holiday season ever!  I know we did, both boys are at this super fun age that makes it so magical. But holidays can be stressful with young kids.  Our normal schedule was tossed out the window, naptimes were ruined, bedtimes were extended for parties, out of town family and friends with new germs were flowing with the eggnog.   But we did it, we made it through the holiday crazies. I swear I was asked a dozen times, how do I do it? How do I keep up with two wild children with that much energy nonstop?

The answer is taking care of myself first.  I know self-care seems like this buzzword that is everywhere right now.  But self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or take much time. Self-care to me is propping up my phone on a sofa cushion and doing a ten minute yoga youtube video while my boys are eating lunch.  It’s grabbing a glass of water instead of soda out of the fridge. It’s remembering to take my vitamins every single day. Yes, vitamins are self-care, I don’t care how that magazine in the grocery store check-out lane defines self-care.  Quality, well-made vitamins custom for your lifestyle is self-care. Looking after your body and health is self-care.  

In December I took a free GNC4U quiz, and when it asked me what I want to focus on I clicked probably too many boxes.  Energy, Focus, Stress, Nutrition, Weight loss, and the rest. I want it all. I want that vitality and bounciness that I had before these wild kids.  They sent me two boxes of vitamins, one for the AM and one for the PM. I made it part of my routine to take the vitamins every single day.  

GNC makes the industry’s best vitamins and supplements.  I’m not just saying that because I worked there in college, or because I’m working with them now.  I believe in GNC and what it has done for my long-term health. With my new customized vitamins and supplements, I’m blown away with my results.  I feel great. I know feeling great is very subjective and not a measurable scientific term, but getting down on the floor to play Legos for hours isn’t a chore anymore – it’s fun.  Chasing two boys up and down the beach isn’t even winding me. And the real test: y’all, I beat my 13 year old in a tennis match. She’s had lessons since she was 7 or 8. I’ve never had a tennis lesson and I won, not by much but I have bragging rights until our re-match. 

In my first post on GNC4U, I told you about my goals and hopes when starting this 30 days.  I’m pleased to say GNC4U helped me reach them all. Thank you GNC for everything.

Would you like to try GNC4U?  Take the quick free lifestyle quiz online and give it a try for 30 days, then please slide into my dms and tell me how it went.