It’s started!  The sports, the tutoring, the lessons, the appointments,  the taxi service.   We are always on the run right now.   I always remember to grab bottles, diapers, water bottles, crackers and the kitchen sink for the kids.  I never remember to grab something for me.  I feel the crash by mid morning.    Theres no wonder I start feeling sluggish, I’ve made sure everyone else’s nutritional needs were met but mine!

Then I found my answer!   NEW Oikos Nonfat Yogurt Drinks.  Oikos are a line of deliciously smooth, drinkable yogurts that pack in 10g of protein without any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or fat.   I bought a convenient 4 pack at Walmart and keep them in my refrigerator.  I can grab one running out the door to soccer practice or pediatricians appointments.

The Oikos Nonfat Yogurt Drink flavors are so good, mixed berry, vanilla, strawberry, and banana cream.

Who needs the extra protein in Oikos Nonfat Yogurt Drinks?   We all do!

Protein is so essential for women!  Protein is essential to keep lean muscle mass, healthy skin, healthy hair, and healthy nails.  It helps us feel fuller longer and keeps those mid afternoon hunger pains away.   Protein is also essential for healthy bones.  Old ladies with broken hips aren’t stereotypes, its a real thing.  Women are at a much greater risk, making up 75 percent of all hip fractures in the United States.   When we think of bone healthy we think of calcium (Oikos Yogurt Drink has 35% of your daily needs of calcium), but most people don’t realize that protein makes up half of your bones, it’s the entire inner core of your bones!

Proteins are the building blocks for many tissues and organs in the body. When a mom is breastfeeding, she needs additional, protein and other nutrients to maintain her own body and provide protein in her breast milk for her baby.  So my nursing mom friends, you need more as well!

Would you like to save money and get this essential nutrient into your diet on the go?   You are in luck!  I’ve got a coupon for you!   CLICK HERE!  

Thank you Dannon for this fun partnership!