Piper is my only daughter.   She has been the center of my universe for 10 years now.  She’s loving, caring, smart, funny, stubborn and so beautiful.   She was also an only child for 9 years, so when we got pregnant with Oli I was worried about how she would adjust to being a big sister.    I was so excited to share the news with her but I did wait until after the first trimester, I didn’t want her to have to deal with loss if anything happened.  While I was anxiously awaiting week 12, I read every single blog about breaking the news to your firstborn.   Most blogs are devoted to telling your toddler about becoming a big brother, our timeline was different.

Piper is smart, Piper understands way more than she lets on.   She noticed the nausea, she noticed my fatigue, the clever girl even noticed my tight pants.  I’m pretty sure she knew when we told her.   The excitement in her face when we told her is one of my favorite things ever.

She was so helpful during my pregnancy.  I was on bed rest because of severe pre-eclampsia.  She didn’t mind the extra chores, or me asking her for things.  She was basically the sweetest dream, we had always been partners in crime and she enjoyed crashing on the sofa eating snacks with me.

After I was admitted to the hospital for medical bed rest in Georgia, she wasn’t allowed to visit me on the high risk floor because of her age and it being flu season.  It was hell.   Three weeks without my partner.  We spoke on the phone and FaceTime.  I hate FaceTime normally – imagine my swollen preeclampsia fat head on her little screen – nightmare shudders.

I think all of the drama and worry about my health was stressful for Piper.  But the moment I saw her hold that three pound baby brother in her arms, I saw that worry melt into love.



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