Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived an extremely picky child named Piper.   Piper had evil parents who made her eat evil foods claiming they were good for her.   Piper couldn’t take it any longer, she just wanted something delicious to eat.   One day she stumbled upon her mother’s laptop and it was opened to a website to create your own custom granola.    She got excited and went through all of the fun ingredients and created a blend that was special to her with all of her favorite flavors.    A few days later a magic postal fairy delivered her Bear Naked Custom Made Granola to her front door.  She tried it and it was the most delicious granola she had ever tasted.  She was excited to try all of the new flavors and even tried her mother and father’s Bear Naked Custom Made Granola blend.   They all lived happily ever after.

Bear Naked Custom Made Granola is such a fun way to get your picky child to be more adventurous.   Piper can be a monster at meal time, she’s so stubborn.  So in order to get her to try new things, I have to involve her.    Bear Naked Custom Granola has been on our kitchen counter top for months and she wouldn’t go near it.  Matthew and I love the different pre-made Bear Naked blends and eat it several times a week.   But the stubborn kid wouldn’t go near it.  

Bear Naked Custom lets you create your own custom granola blend with 50 different delicious ingredients.  All are 100% Non-GMO Project Verified.  There are blueberries, almonds, jalapenos, red wine, coffee, bourbon, pineapples, ginger, chocolate and so much more.  You can also get advice from IBM Chef Watson to find the best flavor combinations!   

You can pick from their adorable bear characters or go full custom and add your face to a bear!    Fun customizable packaging makes this a fun gift idea for friends and family!  You don’t even have to wrap it, toss a cute bow and voila insta cute personalized gift!   

Find out more here and Mighty Thanks for reading about our Bear Naked Custom Made Granola adventures!    Oh and please don’t forget to use the code BEAR2017 for 10% off your orders for a limited time.  



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