This post is sponsored by Athleta, but the opinions and thoughts are always my own!  

Raising a girl in 2018 is hard.   I’d like to say this is new, but I think every generation has its own specific challenges.  We like to discuss the challenges and goals openly and honestly in our home. It’s not always easy, but I feel if we start the discussions now it will be easier (not easy just easier) as she gets older.  

Piper is working hard at reaching some of her goals.   She’s recently made some hard choices to stop playing soccer in a league to concentrate on tennis and sailing.   12 is a young age to work on concentrating your efforts. But she knows what she wants, I admire this about her.    I also did the same thing as a young girl. We talk quite a bit about my challenges growing up. I too quit a few organized sports that I loved to concentrate on the sport I was passionate about, swimming.     We have stressed to her that her decision isn’t concrete, that she is open to return to any organized sport that she wants. She really enjoys soccer, so Matt and I have been consciously adding pickup soccer games with her and the neighborhood kids to help her adjust.    Growing up I felt stuck, like because I picked swimming, that I couldn’t do anything else. I don’t want her to feel that way ever.  So I guess it’s time, I study up on tennis.  

She is also adding some strength and endurance training to her life.   At 12 she knows that this will help her other passions. I think kids today are smarter.   So this started as a post on how I’m modeling wonderful behavior for her. But honestly since she’s started this added training to her regimen – I’ve added more to mine.    And I needed it. We walk to the track as a warm up, run bleachers, sprint around the track, do pushups, planks and sit ups, then walk home from the track as a cool down (and a lovely time to discuss goals and dreams).  

We partnered with Athleta for this post because they too have goals and dreams.   Athleta is a B Corp. Which means they are working to make our world a better place.  They are using sustainable fabrics, using less water, producing less wastes and employing more women!   





This is their motto!  I want Piper to be the same.  I want to raise a strong independant awesome human, but I want her to know that behind every great woman is a tribe of other humans pushing her to be her best.  

I guess I can’t do a post about Athleta without discussing their clothing.   Athleta is a pretty awesome clothing brand. The clothing celebrates our strong awesome bodies.    Athleta Women is made to accentuate every curve or lack of curves. It’s clothing for all women. Athleta Girl is designed with girls actual opinions and unique needs.  What’s not to love about a company that listens to what we want and need?

Piper loved the Athleta Girl Spacedye Chit Chat Tights.  They are comfy tights for play and chillout and perfect for yoga.  They are made of CoolMax® for mobility and the drawstring is fully adjustable.  

The Athleta Girl Criss Cross Tee is supersoft and perfect for practice, school or just relaxing at home.  

It’s been hard to get the Athleta Girl Criss Cross Hoodie from Piper to wash.  She loves this soft stylish sweatshirt. She wears it every day and the thumbholes keep her sleeves in place.  

You can find more about Athleta here and read more about their values here.