Piper has played every sport around.  She started with ballet, then went to soccer, then begged for circus arts classes, tennis lessons, golf camp, sailing lessons, introductory scuba and so many more.   She actually quit soccer after two years and started sailing.  Her sailing dock was washed away with Hurricane Matthew, so sailing is postponed until they build a new dock.  So somehow we found our way back to soccer.   This actually made us all really happy.   Soccer parents are fun and it’s so much easier than hauling a Hobie Cat into the ocean.

Some great soccer tips for new soccer moms –

  1.  Buy multiple socks of the same color.  Or if your child is wild like mine, don’t worry about the color thing just buy multiple tall soccer socks.  With multiple practices and games a week, you will always be searching for soccer socks.  Save yourself some time now!
  2. Ask your soccer league if they have a shoe swap or ask if you can help organize one.    Kid’s grow out of cleats so fast.  We’ve bought a pair and she literally wore them once before she hit a growth spurt.  So trade up and donate those cleats to younger kids.
  3. Water before, during and after the game.  Soccer is a fast moving game and it’s easy for children to get dehydrated.  Make sure you bring a backup water bottle.
  4. Layers in the winter, thermals under soccer uniforms come in handy even in sunny South Carolina.
  5. Our local soccer league includes a ball with registration, bring the proper sized soccer ball to all practices and games.  They will need them for warm up drills.
  6. Let the coach be the coach, but when your child runs by you feel free to yell “GO (insert your child’s name here) GO!!!”.
  7. Hair ties, Bug spray, sunblock, bandaids – make a simple soccer kit to toss in your car.
  8. Be an example for your little soccer player, cheer for the other team when they run a great play.
  9. High fives and hugs, who cares who won or if your little soccer player is afraid of the ball.
  10. Bring a great snack!  Goldfish are always a winner!

Our soccer league rotates game snacks between the parents.  When it’s our turn, we always bring Goldfish.  The little teammates smile the biggest for our snacks.     Goldfish Crackers are crowd pleasers to even the pickiest little soccer player.  But I always keep a resealable bag of the Goldfish on me when we are running from school or art lessons to soccer and don’t have time to stop home for a snack.

Goldfish are always baked with real cheese with no artificial flavors or preservatives.  The colors are sourced from plants, such as annatto extracted from the reddish seeds of the achiote tree.  The whole grain cheddar variety has 12g of whole grains per serving.  Seriously Goldfish are a snack you can feel good about serving your kids.

Check out the Goldfish Pinterest Page for some fun snack ideas for your favorite soccer team!