Classic Movies!  Stranger Things on Netflix has me itching to watch some retro classic movies with the kids this holiday season!  Piper is my movie buddy.  I pop the popcorn while she gathers the coziest pillows and blankets.  So this is my in progress list of imaginative classic movies that I must watch with her soon!



E.T.  The Extra Terrestrial

Steven Spielberg’s awesome tale of a boy and his alien was one of my all time favorites as a child.  It’s dark and hauntingly beautiful.  Rent it on Amazon for 3.99, steal.

ET Trivia – a sequel was envisioned and abandoned.


The Goonies

Every once in a while that one movie that a whole generation of kids knows and loves comes around. This is that movie.   The Truffle Shuffle is still performed at our house quite often.  Found on Amazon Rentals as well.

Goonies Trivia – The mayor of Astoria, Oregon named June 7th “Goonies Day” in honor of the movie, and the town hosts an annual celebration.




Princess Bride

My little sister and I had every line memorized, while my brother and I had the choreography of the duel down to a beautiful performance.   Piper doesn’t do kissing movies, but just like Fred Savage’s character she loves pirates and witty banter.  Amazon Rentals has this one too!

Princess Bride Trivia – The Princess Bride was almost made into a movie in the ’70s, and a then-unknown Arnold Schwarzenegger was seriously considered to play Fezzik. Inconceivable!



The babe with the power, the power of voodoo who do you do!!  David Bowie and Jim Henson Puppets, what’s not to like??  Yes, you guessed it. It’s on Amazon Rentals.

Labyrinth trivia – Micheal Jackson was considered to play Jareth!


Star Wars (all of them)

My love for Star Wars is well known to everyone who knows me in real life.  Just in case you don’t know me irl, the only thing I love more than Star Wars is my family.  Unless its a particularly grumpy day in our house, then Star Wars wins.  This one you can’t rent from Amazon, but you can (and I suggest you do) buy them all to watch forever and ever.

Star Wars Trivia – Hans Solo and Leia had a steamy love affair on set.  The rumor was confirmed just recently.


Runners up, The Never Ending Story, Back to the Future, Beetlejuice & Ghostbusters.

PS:  With the exception of Piper Jareth and Oli Toby, I took none of these photos.