We had a beautiful day on Saturday.  The sun was out and the wind was so pleasant.  So we couldn’t spend it doing mundane boring Saturday chores like groceries and shoe shopping.  Instead we visited Lowe’s Home Improvement for a fun colorful project with the kids (and takeout later).    We decided to do a fun project to dress up our front door.  Our front door was damaged during Hurricane Matthew and we are finally getting around to repairing it.  Honestly, the contractors on island have been busy with big projects so the little projects like our front door had to wait.

We get to use our front door again, hooray.    That alone is cause for a celebration and a pretty pretty project.   My 10-year-old daughter is obsessed with Wisteria Vines.  The bright colorful lavender is so pretty this time of the year.  So we went with the Monrovia Texas Purple Japanese Wisteria vine.  It won’t bloom again until next spring, so we bought some fun annuals to bring some color now.  She chose the Monrovia Calipetite Calibrachoas in a similar pretty purple color and Celebrette New Guinea Impatiens in another pretty purple.  Then to accent the purples, we chose some gorgeous Goldilocks Creeping Jenny plants.      She also came across the most unique Monrovia White Flowered Chocolate Vine and I got the cutest puppy dog eyes from her.  I took a photo of the label to remind myself to go to the Monrovia website and research the plant, we may have room for it after all.    Monrovia’s website, like their plant tags are full of useful information and their Grow Beautifully blog is full of so many ideas.  I’m signed up for their newsletter, so I get the fun ideas in my inbox.

Piper decided on a simple stenciled welcome pot in lavender for the project.  We bought stencils, a small can of purple paint and a pretty terracotta pot from Lowe’s and went home to work!   After she finished stenciling it, there was just enough space left on the pot for three children’s handprints.   It’s perfect for our new and improved front door!

Thank you Monrovia Plants for this fun partnership, and check out my last Monrovia post here.  We really do enjoy the Monrovia plants in our yard.  They are so hearty and even handle my rough and tough toddler so well.    The colors and beauty of the flowers make it such a pleasant addition to any yard.     Please scroll down for a video featuring our pretty new front porch plant!