Everywhere we go someone stops to talk to the babies.  People love babies.  I like to think my babies are especially cute, but all babies are cute.   After we are stopped to discuss the cuteness of my babies, the next question is always “Where did you get his pacifier holder?”   The answer is Templeton Silver, stunning little silver pacifier clips that turn into bracelets for moms after the baby outgrows the pacifier stage.


We’ve had so many pacifier clips since the boys were born.   I’ve had pacifier holders made of leather, faux leather, fabric, and plastic.  They all get dirty, slimy and disgusting quickly with the boys.   Then I found Templeton Silver, silver is naturally antibacterial and easy to clean!      Templeton Silver is a South Carolina small shop and the lady behind the shop is simply adorable.  Aren’t all southern women?  We love Nikki, she always goes above and beyond for her customers.


Oli has outgrown the pacifier stage, so his pacifier holders are now bracelets, wonderful timeless keepsake bracelets.  Oli’s grandmother has even snagged one of his pacifier clips, and I love that she’s so far away but has some Oli on her wrist.  I’m sure I will keep a Milo bracelet for her as well.

So I need some of my friends to have babies, because I want to buy them all for their baby showers .  The girl clips are simply gorgeous.  Oli’s sweet friend Mia wears them too.

Templeton Silver is giving everyone 25% off her wonderful clips using the code FAUSTISLAND on her website.

Now for the technical stuff – All of the clips are cpsc and cpscia tested which means they have been tested in a child safety testing laboratory, your baby is safe wearing these clips!

Oli and Milo are brand reps for Templeton Silver, and get their pacifier clips for free in exchange for beautiful photos!

And Hilton Head Friends, you can find them locally at Louette Boutique.  



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