I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.   – Edna Mode

I love The Incredibles, like the original from way back in 2003.   I really love all Disney Pixars, or wait I love all Disney Movies?  I’m pretty excited about Coco next week.  But this blog is about The Incredibles.   I loved The Incredibles pre-kids but seriously watching it again after kids is another level good.

The movie follows the retired super hero couple Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl as they move on with their lives after the heroes are shunned from society.  Mr. Incredible works a dead end boring job and Elastigirl struggles with three kids.   They fight a “Bond like villain” and come together as a family.  It’s really a great movie for families.

This movie has all of the action to keep your little ones completely engaged with the wit that parents need to stay sane.  Your big kids will also stay engaged because of the shy older sister Violet and her quest to be “normal”.    Edna Mode, the fashion designer – retired super hero suit designer is one of the all time best Pixar characters (sorry Buzz and Woody).    Please please Pixar, give her a few more minutes of screen time for the sequel.    Yes you read this right, DISNEY PIXAR has the sequel coming out next year and they just dropped the trailer.  It’s outstandingly adorable.  I’m so excited right now.   Scroll down to watch it!

The Incredibles are one of my favorite cartoon families and I would love to read a mom blog by Elastigirl!



Could 2018 be the year I convince my family to dress as the Incredibles for Halloween?