We are growing out Oli’s hair.  It’s a complete mullet of white fluff right now.   Oli’s hair is baby thin and he’s a wild sleeper, so he gets those tiny knots on the back of his head.  He also has had cradle cap since like birth.  I’m in constant fear that Matt will take him to a barber to have it all chopped off.

“Cradle cap is the common term for infantile seborrheic dermatitis, a noninfectious skin condition that is very common in infants, typically beginning in the first weeks of life and then gradually going away after a few weeks or months. Most commonly, Cradle cap causes crusty or oily patches on a baby’s scalp, hence the name.

Seborrheic dermatitis can also be found around a baby’s ears or eyebrows, on eyelids, in armpits and other creases like the groin. The skin patches can either be dry and flaky — similar to dandruff — or oily, thick, and yellowish or brown. The name seborrheic dermatitis comes from the fact that the condition occurs where there are the greatest number of oil-producing sebaceous glands on the body.”  From Dr. Axe. com  

Cradle Cap is not a hygiene issue, in fact in our case I think washing it more caused it to get worse.    But Oli plays hard, we have to wash his hair most days.  Our doctor prescribed an expensive wash that burned Oli’s eyes.  So we used the shampoo once.  It probably would have worked, but Oli is too wild for a harsh wash right now. I even considered changing his diet.  But he only eats watermelon and vegetables right now, what would he eat?   So then I started trying the long list of natural remedies online.  Nothing worked and a few things made it worse.  I gave up.  It doesn’t hurt him or cause him any discomfort.  You can’t even see it unless you inspect his scalp.    I’m the only one who stares at his scalp, I can handle it.

Then it happened, we accidentally found our cure.   My fellow blogger friends Raising Cubs and A Mom Inspired started raving about not washing their hair with shampoo for a month.  They were using a new product called NEW WASH.    They said after a few uses, they no longer had to brush their hair.  I was intrigued.  Piper and I have the crazy thickest hair.  Not having to brush it?  How is that even a thing?  So I hopped online and ordered a bottle, it’s kind of expensive.   I got two shipping notices, so I emailed them thinking they sent me two bottles.  The email back was that I ordered twice.  I know that I didn’t order 90 dollars worth of shampoo.  But then I thought about it, I’m pretty impatient I probably hit submit twice.  I hate websites like that, and if I would have gotten a confirmation email I probably would have corrected it before it shipped, but lesson learned – be more patient.

So our whole family has been trying the NEW WASH.   It’s easy to use.  Get your hair wet, coat the New Wash on your hair like a conditioner, massage your scalp vigorously, shower, then rinse out well.   It’s weird at first.  It doesn’t lather.  It cleans using a blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleaners.  This is supposed to respect the body’s natural moisture barrier that shampoos destroy.   It’s paraben, pthalate and sulfate free and detergent free.

Piper and I are on wash two and three.  It smells good and our hair seems clean, but we both are saving our judgment until after the fourth or fifth wash.   I still have to use a big dollop of Moroccan Oil on both of our heads to get a hairbrush through.  But the first few washes are supposed to get the years of buildup off your hair.  I’ll update you on our New Wash experience when we finish our first five.   Matt has psoriasis on his scalp and he mentioned after two uses of the New Wash that his head didn’t seem as irritated or itch as much.  Then he was tired one evening and forgot to use the New Wash and shampooed his hair with Aussie.    He’s back to itchy scalp.  I’m going to put his giant bottle of Aussie under the sink until he uses does the five New Washes.

Oli was the first one of us to reach the five washes and the change is incredible.  His cradle cap is gone.  The baby knots on the back of his head, that I used to cut out have disappeared.  It’s pretty and easy to brush.   And I’m no longer worried that when he goes on errands with his daddy that he will stop and have his baby hair chopped off into a buzz cut.    Check out the before during and afters below!  And you can check out NEW WASH here.


Oli’s Cradle Cap Before (Yuck)

After the second time using NEW WASH – it started coming off like crazy!!!

His NEW WASH Healthy Scalp!  Wooohooooo!