July is one of my favorite months of the year.  I just love summertime.

Eating –  Salad and Fruit.  It’s too hot for real food.

Drinking –  Green Tea but how yummy does the new Starbucks watermelon drink look?   I hope we get it in America!

Listening – Piper and Oli are on an Imagine Dragons kick.  They listen to Polaroid over and over.  It’s pretty cute.  I am the color of BOOM.

Reading – Mighty Salads,  Salad for President and a few others.  I love cookbooks with cool photos.

Milo – turns one in two days!  This year flew by!  He’s standing.   

Oli – Is a devil and is getting to know the corner very well.  He gave Milo his first shiner.  See the black-eyed baby below.

Pip – I’m redecorating her room during her summer trip.  It’s going to be adventurous and natural!

Watching  –  I’ve tried to watch the American Anarchist on Netflix like three times and fallen asleep.  I’m sure I’m on some government watchlist now.  It’s so curious how this sweet little pleasant man wrote such a destructive book.  Oh and the Long Strange Trip on Amazon has been so good, I’m only like two episodes in.  But I love the Grateful Dead more now.

Loving – The Declaration Video by Ancestry.com.  It’s so beautiful and shows the beautiful diversity of our nation!   Oh and these matching Monstera Swimsuits on the boys.  Thank you Wonderjet!

Wishing –  For this beautiful book set.  It’s seriously dreamy, and I love Maya!

Thinking –  about travel.  This is such a good list of places I want to go.  

Looking Forward To – The Solar Eclipse in August.  My grandpa is coming to visit for it because we are in the path of totality!  Don’t forget to order your glasses and don’t look directly at the sun!

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