“I love you right up to the moon — and back.”

Guess How Much I Love You? by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram has been a staple in our home since my daughter Piper’s first Easter.  She got the board book. She later chewed it up with our puppy.  I think she got the hardback book later that year for Christmas. I know all of the words and so does she. We now both read the story to our boys Oli and Milo.   

The book is 26 years old and it’s still such a favorite to so many families. We love the illustrator Anita Jeram’s gorgeous watercolor loveable bunnies. Sadly Sam McBratney recently passed away at 77 years old in his home in Ireland. But he left us with such beautiful works that so many families will cherish for many years. We also got a sequel to Guess How Much I Love You just this year. That’s right. The author and illustrator, Anita Jeram, teamed up for a beautiful sequel.

Will You Be My friend? was recently published by Candlewick Press. The book follows Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown hare and picks up right after the first. Big Nutbrown hare is busy, as parents are these days. So, Little Nutbrown hare goes on an adventure alone. On the way, he notices his reflection and shadow and feels lonely.  Then a beautiful snowy hare pops out of the heather. They play and become friends.  It’s so sweet and Milo has had us read the book to him a dozen times so far. He likes it when we read it with an English accent, mine is pretty bad but he doesn’t mind.

This book is very gentle and I love that it helps us cozy up and settle down for bed. It’s also very sentimental like the first book, and I’m sure it will stay on our bookshelf for years to come. Who wouldn’t love a warm happy adventure before bedtime?  

Rituals at bedtime are so important to us.  We bathe the boys, take all of the loud toys and electronics, brush teeth and hair, snuggle down, grab glasses of water and read gentle stories. This helps the boys to focus their energy, slow down their minds, and get their bodies to relax. We save the wild funny adventures for morning and daytime reading. Guess How Much I Love You and Will You Be My Friend are such perfect bedtime snuggle stories. 

I partnered with Candlewick Press to tell you about this beautiful book, but all opinions are always my own.  I hope you will grab a copy at the bookstore or library and read to your little ones soon.