Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.


Thomas Tusser

This year is flying by!  It’s already Spring Break.  Next week is the Heritage (Hilton Head Golf Tournament) and Oli’s 3rd birthday.   It’s warm and windy outside.  I love spring on Hilton Head Island.

Eating –  Vegetarian and feeling great.  I’m loving chickpeas lately, just toss them in everything.

Drinking –  Water & tea.   I haven’t had a coffee or soda since the beginning of March and my migraines are gone.

Listening –   Spanish music.  The babies love Spanish hip hop and it’s adorable.

Reading –   I’m loving Real Simple articles lately.

Matthew – is a grump.  He needs a nap or a vacation.

Milo – Adorable.  Seriously, he just laughs and laughs and laughs.

Oli –  turns three this month.  I just love him.

Pip –  started tennis lessons.  She was behind in English when the soccer signups were going on.  I’m not signing her up for an extracurricular if she can’t even finish her homework.  #meanmom

Watching  – On another Law  & Order kick y’all.   But I’m currently watching Cardi B’s baby bump on SNL.  So cute.  I’m excited for Killing Eve on BBC America.

Loving –   Legacy Old Favorite Hats.  It’s sunny and the boys are always outside but their hats are so soft and keep the sunshine off your face.

Wishing –  I need a maid.  The kids are winning the war.  They want all the toys on the floor always.

Using –  I’ve just started retin-a on my face.   Some sweet beauty blogger I know said everyone needs to try it after age 30.  Fingers crossed for young skin forever.

Thinking –   about crystal therapy.  Does anyone really believe that having a rose quartz in your bedroom will make you relax better?   I have one in my room testing it out.  But mostly because it’s pretty.

Looking Forward To –   My garden blooming, I planted 400 spring bulbs in the backyard!

Snippets –