Oh Biscuits y’all!  The new Bluey toys from Moose Toys are out!   We partnered with Babblebox to tell you all about them.  

Our family loves Bluey. Bluey is a cartoon on Disney Junior, Disney Plus and Bluey’s Youtube Channel. It follows the Heeler family.  Bandit and Chili are Mum and Dad.  Bluey and Bingo are the children. Most of the episodes follow day to day life of the family and playful everyday happenings. Bluey is an Australian television show that has taken the USA and the world by storm. Bluey was even featured in the Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade last year. 

I can’t even narrow down our favorite part of the show. Dad and Mum are such fun parents and I swear they make me aspire to be a better mom. Bingo and Bluey remind me of my boys, playful curious loud kids who have such sweet adventures. The loving family with problems and genuine affection is such a breath of fresh air in the animated world.  I also love the brevity of each episode, 7 minute run time makes it hard to say no to just one more episode requests.

My boys love to act out some of the episodes and even make up new cute scenarios.  Imaginative play is so good for kids. Imaginative play, or make-believe is when a child role-plays experiences they see in real life, in books, or even on fun cartoons like Bluey. Imaginative play encourages creativity, promotes self expression, develops social skills and problem solving and so much more. 

Your children do not need toys for imaginative play but fun colorful whimsical toys can’t hurt. Props always help here.  I’m all for anything that encourages my kids to play together more. The Bluey’s Tree Playset was such a hit with Oli and Milo. Some of our favorite Bluey episodes are set in the backyard.  This 2-sided playset has so many places to play. Bluey and Bingo can climb the ladder, ride the swing, slide down the slide, or relax in the hammock! There is even a secret door behind the canopy for your child to discover a Fairy inside the Fairy Hideaway! The toy comes with the fairy, and the table set, accessories and even stickers.

We also got Talking Bandit to test out.  Bandit has some of the best lines from the entire series. Dad is full of wisdom and wise cracks. The toy also plays the theme song, for any spontaneous dance mode playtime.  The stuffies Chili and Bandit also came in our box, they are made with beautiful fabrics featuring high quality embroidered details, they’re just the right size to cuddle and they may or may not be on my bed because they are just so cute!  Last but not least, we got two cute little play time figures that are perfect for little hands. 

We like to follow Bandit and Chili’s lead and play with the kids and their toys.  Some fun insightful things you can say and ask while playing with these toys and your kids are:

  • What happens next? 
  • How does that make Bingo feel?
  • Discuss dilemmas, like what would happen if a storm came and the kids couldn’t play in their treehouse all day.

So it’s a yes from us on the new Bluey Toys from Moose Toys, For Real Life!  And if you are one of the few people on this earth who hasn’t seen Bluey yet, you should set aside 7 minutes of your time and watch an episode!