We are a Walt Disney World Family, but there are so many other fun theme parks we want to visit in the United States.   I post about WDW often, so I thought I’d share some other fun options.   We love theme parks for the variety of things the whole family can do, and these 7 Best Theme Park Destinations are on our bucketlist.  These each have unique offerings that our family loves. The ability to have fun for everyone is important to us. These parks offer something for everyone in the group, not just the kids. 


7 Best Theme Park Destinations


Six Flags Magic Mountain:  Roller coaster city is this destination in Southern California.  It offers fun attractions for everyone in the family, but is mostly a place for roller coasters and tons of fun rides.  One of the best things about Six Flags theme parks is the fact that they are often associated with Warner Brother’s characters.  Themed roller coasters, carnival attractions, fun food booths and more.  

Universal Studios Orlando:  I’ll be honest, the big attraction is Harry Potter’s Wizarding World.  As a huge Harry Potter fan, this is our favorite part of Universal Studios.  However, the entire park is amazing for anyone looking for fun character themed shows and rides.  

Disneyland:  I know I said I wasn’t posting Disney, but Disneyland is on our bucket list. The kids need to go to Disneyland.  There is nothing like the first magical park that Walt Disney created.  From the classic rides, to the fun characters and the Princess breakfasts and tea parties it is an amazing place to spend time with your family.  The addition of California Adventure right next door features more of the Pixar animations and themed rides. It is the premier theme park to spend your vacation. 

Cedar Point:  This Ohio theme park is all about the roller coasters.  Big, little and in between you can find everything you want if rides are your favorite thing. When it comes to the best theme park destinations, this roller coaster focused park is a great choice for families that love the thrills. 

Schlitterbahn Water Parks:  With multiple locations, this is a great choice for families that love water parks.  Rides, lazy rivers and more make this a fun location to spend hot summer days.  I’m from Texas, so this Texas favorite had to go on our list.

Wisconsin Dells: This is the best destination for those in the Great Lakes area.  With all the fun of a full water park it is a great place to spend a hot summer day.  It is possibly the most popular attraction in Wisconsin.  

Knott’s Berry Farm:  Not far from L.A., this medium sized park is a classic in Southern California.  Tons of great rides, and of course there are fun events hosted as well as great food.  It’s a classic in the area, with much lower ticket prices than other popular regional theme parks. It has everything your whole family would love, at a fraction of the price. 

These are what we think are some of the best theme park destinations for your next vacation.  From water parks to roller coasters and the magic that is Hogwart’s and Diagon Alley, you’ll love these adventures just like we do when we visit them.  Remember to check for discounts on season passes if you plan to stay more than a few days. Often the season pass is more cost effective than buying a simple day pass to these parks.   Oh and there is always Walt Disney World.