Water is an essential part of any lifestyle. The benefits will help you to be more healthy and more active.

We all know that drinking water is important for a healthy lifestyle, after all, our bodies are 2/3 water. However, many of us still do not drink enough, if any. It may not seem like the tastiest option when we have so many fizzy drinks and juices to choose from, but it is essential that you start to factor water into your life. You will soon get used to it, and you may even find it will put you off drinking anything else. Always keep a bottle of water in your home, put it in the freezer for a few minutes to ensure it is ice cold and tasty. Take a look at some of the many benefits of drinking water:

Relieve Headaches and Dehydration

Headaches are usually caused through dehydration, particularly in cases where you have been drinking too much alcohol. We usually reach straight for the painkillers when we have any aches and pains, but water is really the best tool to get rid of headaches. A lack of water can cause dehydration, which is very dangerous for your organs, particularly your kidneys. It can also cause muscle cramps and tiredness.

Lose Weight Quickly

As part of a controlled diet, water can really help you to lose weight more quickly. The reasons for this are that water gives your metabolism a boost, which in turn allows you to burn off more calories, and more quickly. If you are trying to lose weight without drinking a lot of water, it will take much longer to break the fat down. Water is also known for filling you up and making you feel less hungry. You may sometimes make the mistake of thinking you are hungry, when in fact you are just thirsty.

Better Skin and a Healthier Glow

If you want to ensure you keep your skin healthy and glowing, it is essential to drink lots of water. Water will hydrate your skin and increase the elasticity, which will give you a glowing appearance. A lack of water will cause your skin to dry up, which means your appearance will look tired.

Better Overall Health

As water helps to improve your digestion and is better for your muscles and organs, you will soon be able to achieve better overall health when you start drinking large quantities. Water helps to improve your immune system, so you will begin to fight off all sorts of infections and illnesses.

Improve Exercise

Drinking water during your work out will keep you dehydrated, which will help improve your performance and will help you to last longer.

So now we see all the benefits of drinking water, there really is no excuse. After a few weeks it will become part of your daily routine, and you will wonder how you managed without it. If you find want to spice it up a little, fill a jug of water and add some chopped up lemons. This is a refreshing drink, which will not only add a bit of taste, but lemon has many additional health benefits such as helping with digestion.

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Oli drinking more water.

10 Easy Tips to Keep You Drinking Enough Water

  1. Set goals for the day.  Write it down. Set an alarm on your phone.  
  2. Buy a  water bottle that you’ll actually use and love. 
  3. If you are a tech nerd like me, download an app.  
  4. Infuse your water with fruit or herbs, mint and lemon is so nice together.
  5. Put drinking water into daily routines that you already have, drink a glass of water before your coffee, on the way to work, before dinner, whatever works. 
  6. Using straws can make you drink more apparently!  Stainless Steel or Bamboo please.
  7. Eat water based foods – fruits, veggies, soups, juices smoothies. 
  8. Eat spicy foods, use water to cool your mouth down.
  9. Dilute sugary drinks and juices with water or fizzy water.
  10. Drink a glass of water while you are cooking a meal or making coffee.  
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Milo Drinking More Water

Drinking more water isn’t just good for adults, it’s great for every member of your family.  Kids too need to drink more water.  

Mommy Shorts actually has some amazing tips to help get your kids to drink more water.   Her tip number 8 had me crying laughing.  

8. Create a Pissing Match.

Yeah. Literally. Tell your kid you can tell how much water she is drinking by the color of her pee. Very yellow means not enough and pretty clear means you are winning at water. And who doesn’t want to WIN AT WATER???!!!

Whatever works right?  


Self.com has 22 Easy Ways to Drink More Water with some amazing tips!

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