“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
Henry James

I haven’t done one of these in a while.  Truth is, we’ve been in survival mode since Matt has started firefighting.  First it was fire academy then EMT.  He’s almost passed that first year of craziness.    I was not prepared for the crazies at all, I thought it was all work 24, off 48 hour fun.   I thought, this is going to be great for me and getting ahead  mom blogging.  I was so wrong.

Eating –  It’s like 180 degrees outside.  Cold pasta salad packed with veggies are our jam right now!

Drinking –  Y’all I’m still off the coffee and cola.  Crazy right?   When I need a pick me up, Yerba Mate.

Listening –    Vance Joy & Bob Dylan.

Reading –    I need a good book suggestion you guys.   I may have to audible it in car pickup line but I need something.

Matthew –  Just finished school on Friday and did awesomely.  He has state boards soon and is still studying but I may get more time to work on this neglected blog that I love.

Milo – So bad y’all.  He listens and then does the opposite of what we ask.   But he’s funny.  He has such a sense of humor at an early age.

Oli –  is finally getting over whatever nasty bug he had.   He just couldn’t kick it.   But he’s so smart, I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, his answer “the schwarzchild radius of a blackhole”.       I had to hop on google.

Pip –  is about to start 7th grade and hasn’t finished her summer reading.    She has a week left.

Watching  – dun dun, I’m in another Law & Order mood.   Oh and old old black and white movies.  I miss shark week already.

Loving –   Justina Blakely ‘s lifestyle brand The Jungalow.  Can Justina come just decorate my life?

Wishing –   to travel a little bit now that Matt’s schedule will calm down.    Travel blogger jobs,  call me??    

Using –  Fresh Skincare.  The Peony brightening line is so good y’all!

Thinking –   about Daufuski Island, can we move to another island?  It’s a ferry ride to Hilton Head, but seems like the different slow life that I’m craving.

Looking Forward To –   Cooler fall nights.

Snippets –

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