When in Rome…

Piper and I did Rome together.   It was one of the best trips ever.  We rode scooters to beautiful ancient museums, ate so many chocolate gelato and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.

People who consider Rome just as a romantic getaway and not a kid-friendly city are completely mistaken. There are so many kid-friendly places and activities in Rome that make it a perfect family holiday destination for your Italian vacation. 

Winter vacations are just around the corner, and if you are planning to visit Rome this holiday season; here are some of the best things you can do in Rome with your kids:

Roman History 

Getting a glimpse of the Roman history is something that is not to be missed at all when you are visiting Rome with your kids. From the Roman Forum to the Colosseum, there are so many place you can take your kids to see in Rome to explore the ancient Roman history. The best part about the Roman Forum is that it is perfectly suited to travel with adults, young kids as well as toddlers. Whereas, the Colosseum is more enjoyed by older kids, especially if you looking forward to a guided tour.

Rome’s Parks & Playgrounds

Rome is home to some of the most beautiful and kids-friendly parks. So, another great way of spending time with your children during your Rome vacation is to visit these parks, communal spaces as well as playgrounds. Spaces like Villa Borghese, Rome Zoo and Villa Doria Pamphili are great to unwind with your kids and enjoy a great picnic time with your entire family. 

Explora Children’s Museum 

One of the most incredible ways to enjoy Rome with your kids is to visit Explora – a science and history museum that is especially dedicated to kids. If your kids have had enough of sightseeing and playing in the parks, then Explora is where you need to head next. Explora Children’s Museum allows children a number of role plays, like being a train driver, along with learning many fun things through puzzles and workshops etc.  

Rome4Kids Tours 

Rome4Kids’ Vatican Tour offers you another wonderful way to explore The Vatican with your little ones. The tour starts outside the Vatican Museum where groups get together at one spot. Rome4Kids Tour is great for young as well as grown up kids, as it brings them a lot of fun goodies for a fun filled and exciting hunt.

Welcome To Rome

Give your kids a 3D experience of Roman history by taking them to this new multimedia museum in Rome. From important historical events, sites to invasions; this museum offers a dramatic visual representation of Rome for your kids. Take your kids to this museum before visiting the actual historical sites in Rome, as it will build up their excitement to see the same sites for real. 

Travel Family Trip Rome with Kids Travel Tricks Travel Rome

Piper exploring Rome on a Scooter

Rome is not just layered with history and art, but also with so many adventurous and fun-filled activities for your children. No matter how many times you visit this place, it is always going to turn you speechless every time. So, if you have made up your mind to visit Rome this holiday season with your kids, then make sure to choose your stay in a hotel that is not too far from the tourist attractions that you are planning to take your kids to. Also, make sure that you book your stay and museum tickets well in advance to steer away from the peak holiday season bookings. 

Rome with Kids Travel Tricks Travel Rome
Piper, Trevi Fountain – Rome Italy

So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to experience the magical beauty of Rome with your young kids or teens and create beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime! 

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Piper recommends the Lonely Planet Explorer Books for Kids, they are so entertaining (and educational).